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Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering

Front. Inform. Technol. Electron. Eng    2018, Vol. 19 Issue (3) : 309-321
Review |
A tutorial on 5G and the progress in China
Shan-zhi CHEN(), Shao-li KANG
State Key Laboratory of Wireless Mobile Communications, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology (CATT), Beijing 100191, China
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5G has been developing at high speed since 2012 and has become a global economic driver. In this paper, we offer a survey of 5G covering visions, requirements, roadmap, key technologies, standardization, frequency management, technology trials, industrial ecology, and a list of main 5G contributors. We also point out the contributions to 5G from China, aiming to be ‘globally leading in 5G’ by acting as a main 5G contributor in standardization and promoting/enhancing the Chinese 5G industry. Finally, progress on 5G is reviewed mixed with our rethinking of 5G.

Keywords 5G      IMT-2020      Key technology      Standardization      Field trial     
Corresponding Authors: Shan-zhi CHEN   
Issue Date: 28 May 2018
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Shan-zhi CHEN,Shao-li KANG. A tutorial on 5G and the progress in China[J]. Front. Inform. Technol. Electron. Eng, 2018, 19(3): 309-321.
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Shan-zhi CHEN
Shao-li KANG
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