Editorial Overview: Advances in Robotic Technologies
Genetic Crop Improvement: A Guarantee for Sustainable Agricultural Production
Development and Future Challenges of Bio-Syncretic Robots
The Smart Road: Practice and Concept
Robotics in Industry—Their Role in Intelligent Manufacturing
A Hardware Platform Framework for an Intelligent Vehicle Based on a Driving Brain
Unpowered Knee Exoskeleton Reduces Quadriceps Activity during Cycling
Robotics: From Automation to Intelligent Systems
Progress in the Physisorption Characterization of Nanoporous Gas Storage Materials
A Co-Point Mapping-Based Approach to Drivable Area Detection for Self-Driving Cars
Aphanomyces euteiches: A Threat to Canadian Field Pea Production
Breakthrough Technologies for the Biorefining of Organic Solid and Liquid Wastes
Engineering’s Academy Awards
Does Global Agriculture Need Another Green Revolution?
Genetic Manipulation of Non-Classic Oilseed Plants for Enhancement of Their Potential as a Biofactory for Triacylglycerol Production
Control of Velocity-Constrained Stepper Motor-Driven Hilare Robot for Waypoint Navigation
Ecologically Inspired Water Network Optimization of Steel Manufacture Using Constructed Wetlands as a Wastewater Treatment Process
Synthetic Hexaploid Wheat: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
The Potential Role of Powdery Mildew-Resistance Gene Pm40 in Chinese Wheat-Breeding Programs in the Post-Pm21 Era
Current Research Status of Heterodera glycines Resistance and Its Implication on Soybean Breeding
Development of Perennial Wheat Through Hybridization Between Wheat and Wheatgrasses: A Review
The Shale Oil and Gas Revolution
Developing Wheat for Improved Yield and Adaptation Under a Changing Climate: Optimization of a Few Key Genes
The Future of Manufacturing: A New Perspective
A Review of 3D Printing Technology for Medical Applications
Research Developments and Prospects on Microseismic Source Location in Mines
Aiming to Be a World-Class Journal Leading in Innovation: A Letter from the Editors-in-Chief
Application of Hydrogen Peroxide as an Environmental Stress Indicator for Vegetation Management
Intensification of Ethylene Production from Naphtha via a Redox Oxy-Cracking Scheme: Process Simulations and Analysis
Sustainable Resource Use in Enhancing Agricultural Development in China