To promote the development of laser technology and its application, the Chinese Academy of Engineering launched a major consulting project “Strategic Research on China’s Laser Technology and Its Application by 2035” in 2018. This paper is a comprehensive research report on the project. It briefly analyzes laser technology and its instrumental, leading, and disruptive role in scientific research and industrial application, and summarizes the present situation of research and application of laser technology in frontier laser, manufacturing, information and communication, medical treatment, and other fields in China. Several problems that restrict the rapid development of lasers are presented, and the development goals of China’s laser technology and its application by 2035 are conceived. To achieve these goals, China should strengthen the overall planning at the top level to lead the rapid development of laser technology and its application and strengthen basic research to make breakthroughs in major basic problems, common technology foundation, and basic materials and devices. It also should establish research and development special projects concerning laser application to create multiple new laser industry chains, and innovate its industry coordination mechanism to improve the innovation ecology of laser industry. Moreover, China should strengthen the basic education concerning the laser technology and promote talent cultivation of the laser and optical disciplines.

Laser diagnosis and treatment technology has been successfully applied in the field of healthcare and become an important part of precision diagnosis and treatment in modern medicine. This article focuses on the medical application of laser technology and summarizes the development status, trends, and problems of China’s laser technology in clinical treatment, diagnosis, and industrialization, from the perspectives of practical application and industrial chain. The study revealed that China’s laser medicine has made great progress in terms of laser treatment technology, medical laser diagnosis and treatment equipment, and the industry; however, on the whole, the clinical application of laser medical technology is still catching up with the global trend. The applied research of the technology still lacks original creativity, and the research and industrialization of medical laser equipment are at the mid-low end. The key technologies and high-end equipment such as ultrafast lasers for precision diagnosis and treatment are still under foreign monopoly. The study proposes that China should establish sub-disciplines under laser medicine; strengthen the construction of national science and technology innovation platforms for laser medicine; develop regulations on laser medical equipment in a targeted manner; launch relevant policies to support the development of the laser medical equipment industry; and strive to make breakthroughs in key technology research for medical laser diagnostic equipment.

Qiu Haixia ,   Li buhong   et al.

Laser technology has been widely used in the field of information since it was invented and has promoted the rapid development of information technology, which has become the main driving force for the development of information technology. “Strategic Research on China’s Laser Technology and Its Application in Information by 2035” is a key sub-project of the major consulting project“Strategic Research on China’s Laser Technology and Its Application by 2035” launched by the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It aims to conduct a comprehensive research on the application of laser technology in the information field and on the development of related industries in China; analyze the development trend of laser technology in the information field; and propose suggestions to promote the development of the field. This paper introduces the major application of several laser technologies—optical communication, laser display, optical storage, and optical sensing—in the information field, and analyzes the research and development status of laser technology, the major key technologies, and the development of related industries in China and abroad. To promote the laser technology application in the information field, we suggest that China should establish key research directions and promote the development of core technologies; build an industrial innovation platform to improve technological innovation; lay emphasis on intellectual property protection and strengthen the training of high-end talents; guide the cooperation of government, industry, education, and research to promote achievement transformation; increase policy support and guide the healthy development of the industry; exploit the advantages of industrial agglomeration to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Excimer laser has important applications in integrated circuit lithography, materials processing, medicine, and scientific research due to its short wavelength and high pulse energy. However, there remains a big gap in the high-end excimer laser technology between China and the international advanced level. In this article, the characteristics and development history of excimer lasers were briefly introduced first. Second, the development status and requirements of the excimer laser technology and its related typical applications were analyzed in China and abroad. Third, the main issues of the development of domestic excimer laser technology were proposed. Finally, in view of the relevant problems and needs, it is suggested that in the future, more efforts should be made to deepen the research, including basic generic technology research (design, preparation, and characterization of high-performance and high-end deep UV components, basic theory and verification research of discharge dynamics, etc.); long pulse, high repetition rate, and high energy/power technology; as well as emerging or potential application fields and derivative technologies, so as to lay the foundation for the independent and controllable development of excimer lasers in China.

Fan Yuanyuan ,   Zhou Yi   et al.


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