Subject Categories

Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering 10

Medicine and Health 10

Information and Electronic Engineering 9

Energy and Mining Engineering 9

Environment & Light and Textile Industries Engineering 9

Chemical, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 8

Engineering Management 7

Agriculture 5

Civil, Hydraulic and Architecture Engineering 4


2021 1

2020 22

2018 9


additive manufacturing 2

adaptive immune system cell 1

additive design 1

dual fuel 1

farm-level biosecurity 1

high-pressure science 1

3D printing 1

3D-printed shape memory materials 1

Cu-H system 1

Earth's deep interior 1

Favipiravir 1

Haemophilus parasuis 1

RNA interference 1

RNA-based biocontrols 1


SARS-CoV-2 1

TCM chemistry 1

TCM quality 1

TCM toxicity and safety 1

ThMn12 structure 1

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Engineering Focus

Global Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges

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Green Plant Protection

green plant protection, disease-resistant crop, new herbicides, RNA interference, RNA-based biocontrols,engineering disease resistance, pyrethroids,variable rate application, soil bioremediation, nematicidal activity, thiolactomycin derivatives, smart adsorbents

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Permanent Magnets

permanent magnets, rare earth permanent magnets,rare earth metals, energy product, coercivity, nanocomposites, ThMn12 structure, micromagnetic stimulations, magnetron sputtering deposition

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Animal Disease

animal disease, neosporosis, veterinary epidemiology, farm-level biosecurity, zoonoses,Campylobacter, Haemophilus parasuis

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Internal Combustion Engines and Fuels

internal combustion engines, petroleum fuel, clean fuels, gasoline and diesel, fuel spray, two-stroke engine, dual fuel, premixed charge compression ignition, natural gas, gasoline compression ignition, combustion stability, cold start, lean-burn gasoline

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Deep Matter & Energy

volatile elements, deep carbon observatory, Earth's deep interior, deep volatiles, deep energy, deep life, carbon reservoirs, oxygen reservoirs, mineral wealth, mineral evolution, mineral ecology, deep carbon cycling, diamond, earth mantle, earth science, minerals, petrology, deep carbon cycle, ultra-deep, oil and gas, high-pressure science, bathyarchaeota, hydrogen storage, Cu-H system

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High Performance Structures and Materials

high-performance structures, high-performance materials, building structures, civil engineering,seismic structures, high-performance resilient structures, civil infrastructure, structural inspection and monitoring, computer vision , steel-concrete structures, floor plate test, structural health monitoring, continuous strength method, strain limits, high-performance concrete, cement-based composite

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Cellular Immunity

cellular immunity, cell therapy, regulatory T cell, immune regulatory cells, adaptive immune system cell, immune regulatory, tissue repair, type 1 regulatory T cells, natural killer cell, immunotherapy, post-translational modification, autoimmune, chimeric antigen receptor T cells, cancer immunotherapy, engineered T cell therapies, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

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Coronavirus Disease 2019

Coronavirus Disease 2019,COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Favipiravir, RT-PCR, nucleic acid assay

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

traditional medicine,traditional Chinese medicine,TCM,herbal medicines,artemisinin,medicinal plants,phytochemicals,chinmedomics, serum pharmacochemistry of TCM,serum pharmacochemistry of traditional Chinese medicine,syndromes and formulae,traditional Chinese medicine efficacy,TCM efficacy, andrographolide, TCM toxicity and safety, TCM quality, TCM chemistry,supercapacitor, multiphoton absorption

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Precision Engineering

precision engineering,high-precision manufacturing,high-precision measurement,additive manufacturing,surface integrity,precision metrology,electrical equivalent molecular components,dual-comb ranging,micromachining, moletronics,ultra-short pulsed laser processing,nanostructure,hybird calibration,stereo deflectometry,optical metrology, picosecond laser, surface texturing,laser microprocessing

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Manufacturing Industry

manufacturing power,made in China,China manufacturing

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Medicine and Health

medicine and health

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The Belt and Road

belt and road,silk road

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Cyber Technology

cyberspace,cyber technology,internet

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Automobile Industry

automobile industry,automobile technology

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Food Security

food security

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Energy Development

energy, energy development,solar engery,energy technolgy

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Transportation Infrastructure

transportation hub, transportation infrustructure, bridge, tunnel

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Engineering Management

town planing, urban planing, engineering management,project management

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Technical Forecast

technical forecast, technical foresight, need analysis

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Maritime Engineering

maritime engineering

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Smart Process Manufacturing

process industry, industrial process optimization, green manufacturing, plant-wide optimization

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Smart Grid and Energy Internet

smart grid,distributed generation,renewable energy,Internet of Things,micro grid,energy storage,power distribution network

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Tissue Engineering

tissue engineering, biomaterial, stem cell, regenerative medicine, seed cell, tissue reconstruction, regenerative engineering, nanotopography

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Nuclear Power

nuclear power,nuclear reactor,nuclear safety,low-carbon energy,coolant,nuclear power plant,reactor core,spent fuel,high-temperature gas-cooled reactor,decay heat

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Green Chemical Engineering

Green Chemical Engineering,membrane,catalyst,sustainable energy, new reaction media, energy conservation, green product engineering,green process engineering, photobioreactor

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Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing,Integrated manufacturing,Manufacturing platform,process control,Industry 4.0,manufacturing systems,cloud manufacturing,cyber-physical system

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microecology,microorganism, microbiota,probiotic,immune regulation,dysbacteriosis,metabolism,host,infectious diseases

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Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence, simulation, robot, intelligent control, automatic speech recognition,big data

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Additive Manufacturing

additive manufacturing, additive design, 3D printing, laser powder-bed, laser metal deposition, 3D-printed shape memory materials,three-dimensional (3D) FE model

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